Blues Mediterraneo - Album 2021

Nineteen Sixty-eight - Album 2020

Somewhere Along The Shore - Album 2012-2019

Nell'ombra - Single 2014

Pinco è una Nazione - Album 2003

Songwriter, singer, guitar player, arranger.

For several years on the Roman scene, with a gritty voice reminiscent of a timbre between Chris Cornell, David Crosby and John Fogerty, he has played in various rock - blues - folk band, especially in the Roman live music scene and in the middle Italy. Claudio played a lot of gigs as a one-man-band guitar and voice as well as collaborations with well-known artists, including: the bluesman Nathaniel Peterson, the guitarist Tolo Marton, the percussionist Karl Potter, the bassist and singer Michael Brill, the singer Inger Nova, the guitarists Nicola Costa, William Stravato, Jeff Pevar, Marcus Eaton, Ricky Portera, Franco Vinci, Alex Valle, Stefano Ciotola, Laurent Digbeu, Mats Hedberg, the blueswoman Francesca De Fazi, the piano player and singer Mario Donatone, the bass players Mario Guarini and Mimmo Catanzariti, the Florentine bluesman Filippo Barontini, the bassist Fabiola Torresi, the drummers Pino Liberti, Sandro Chessa, Derek Wilson, Valter Detond, Tony Cerqua.

He released four albums: Pinco Una Nazione (2003); Today And Tonight (2012) later re-released as Muff Brotherhood with a new title Somewhere Along the Shore (2019 Redwood Recordings) ; Nineteen Sixty-eight (2020); Blues Mediterraneo (2021 Music Media); singles: Nell'Ombra (2014); Nubi Di Ieri La Ballata di Eric Fletcher (2014/2022), Pezzo Di Universo (2022), La Grande Corsa (2022 - with Stefano Disegni), Truth Is In The Mirror (2022), Haze So Scary (2023), Pietro (2023 - to Pietro Orlandi).

His live show proposal: from one man band guitar and voice to unplugged duo, or electric trio, quartet and quintet and more.

In parallel to the live and record activity in the folk-rock-blues field, in recent years he has been creating a library of original music designed for use as soundtracks, this music is available on www.cmmusiclibrary.it.




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