Claudio Maffei's original music project.

The project is the result of cooperations of many musicians, everyone puts his own important stamp in the musical process.

In 2012 started the first version of the Muff Brotherhood project, many musicians and friends were involved: Valter De Tond on drums, Fabio Fraschini, Arcangelo Spina, Elio Buselli, Luca Pisanu on bass, Stefano Ciotola on guitar, Maurizio Metalli, Marco Belleudi, Simone Scifoni on keyboards, Francesca De Fazi on vocals and slide guitar, Danilo Cartia on banjo, John H. Schiessler on dobro, Claudio Maffei on vocal, guitars and keyboards.

After seven years, in 2019, the first work is finally put together with new stuff, and a new album published by Redwood Recordings is the result: Somewhere Along the Shore.

The current line-up is: Fabiola Torresi on bass and vocals, Sandro Chessa on drums and vocals, Claudio Maffei on guitars, keyboards and vocals.
This line-up together with several guests are working on new material for a new album.