Claudio Maffei is been playing guitar and singing since 1984 following the classic rock's vibes as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Crosby Stills & Nash, America, Supertramp, David Bowie…

In the years he wrote a lot of songs, in Italian and in English, those songs are now published in 2 cd’s: “Pinco è Una Nazione” (2003) and “Today And Tonight” (2012), this last work was wrote in cooperation with the lyricist Gregory Demos from North Carolina.

Claudio is known in Rome area


as one of the best rock-blues voices. He experienced a lot of gigs, shows and concerts in the most important clubs and venues of Rome and middle of Italy, like the roman Big Mama, Stazione Birra, Jail Break, Crossroads, all venues where important international artists usually play. He played his own songs in some mainstream tv in Italy as Help! by Red Ronnie on LA7. He played with some important Italian musicians like the blues woman Francesca De Fazi, the guitar player Tolo Marton, the guitar player Nicola Costa, the sax player Eric Daniel, the percussions player Karl Potter, the bass players Mick Brill, Fabio Fraschini, Fabiola Torresi, the drummers Valter Detond and Pino Liberti, the bluesman Nathaniel Peterson, the pedal steel player Alex Valle, the vocalists Alessandro Pitoni and Loredana Maiuri, Sister Cristina Scuccia and many others.

In 2014, after 25 years circa, Claudio is involved in a project together with his long time friend William Stravato, one of the finest italian guitar player. Together they have wrote and recorded a new song Nubi Di Ieri dedicated to Roger Waters and his father Eric Fletcher.